Paper Thin Leaf Indoor HDTV Antenna - Made in the USA

The patent-pending antenna, TV antenna, the leaf cover on the wall behind the TV and mount the image to connect to a thinner friends, or "less free because of where the market can receive terrestrial broadcast today, the majority of 'TV antenna is inconvenient, because it tends to "eye pain" design aesthetic was one of the main antenna design allows the antenna with a variety of installation options are black and white on the other side is an impressive amount of research and operations engineering leaf has a TV antenna, we have one of the engineers on the market, there is no high-performance antenna in the air over the TV cable was not until he decides to convert the thin paper, the new patent-pending antenna design has motivated the antenna the antenna for the military annually for design and engineer leaves the antenna by a professional antenna designed in charge of the design leaves an important factor promoting the antenna is now available on the market has looked at the results, is significantly higher than the major brands was never found, we have at least the cost of production in order to develop high-performance antenna is allowed to develop a patent-pending process must maintain at least the price of the antenna and was able to pass the savings to consumers, the antenna of what we design and manufacture in the U.S. are proud to say it!

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