Zinwell ZAT-970A

I only have one TV for external antenna. No cable or satellite. Also, I bought the converter built-in timer. The VCR to the TV antenna (however, record one station and the "while" you can not see the other stations), while away from home at different times on different channels can be recorded. Channel 3 TV and VCR must be set (always), this converter in the timer recording times and channels have been established. Drive the clock on the VCR to watch the game. You risk losing some of the programs. I have a problem that does not yet understand. I know that my living room TV is connected to the converter. The solid line in the cable external antenna in the living room, bedroom, bedroom TV Converter is the game only channel. I have 2 of these converter boxes, so I connected to the second bedroom. Channel signal has been received. Well, this is my mail did not last long after receiving my DVD recorder (with built-in tuner DR5601080 eopkeonbeoteuui Toshiba DVD recorder, bought from Amazon), which is a DVD burner, integrated ATSC / NTSC / QAM digital / analog tuner has . Meaning, I do not need a converter now my living room. The DVD recorder, and at the same time, the antenna in the air to the external record one station and another station, you can see. Just like a VCR. Impressed! I drive a bedroom TV. DVD recorder, allowing the signal to reach the bedroom, then. I am very happy person. Now there is a special converter. Maybe I should sell on Amazon.
Zinwell ZAT-970A
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It’s good review, it makes me know, before I bought it. Thanks

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